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22988 IL Hwy 9
P.O. Box 701
Canton, IL 61520
Phone: (309) 647-5077

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Mon, Wed, Fri: 1pm-4pm
Thur: 10am-1pm

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Our Shelter...

Is located just outside of Canton, IL and was built in 2007. We are the only shelter in Fulton County and take in animals from the entire county. Animal Control and Humane Society volunteers work together to care for all the cats and dogs that come into the shelter. Alisting of our adoptable cats and dogs can be found on and you acn like our Faceok Page to see pictures and other information about our animals. Our animals come and go daily so please stop in during our adoption hours to find your perfect companion.

Did you know that fewer black dogs and cats get adopted than any other color of pet?

Unfortunately, it is a fact that it is harder to get the bigger black dogs or black cats adopted. Add in special needs such as a senior animal, health issues or physical deformity and you can imagine how hopeless their situation becomes.

Remember, they are wonderful pets too. Give them love and they will love you back.

We do our best to find homes or rescues for the animals but we are not always successful. Our shelter is not a no-kill shelter so unfortunately, euthanasia is performed when all other options have been exhausted. We do everything we possibly can to avoid it but sometimes we have no other choice. Our shelter only has so many cages and kennels and sometimes tough and heartbreaking decisions have to be made. We are seeing more heart worm positive dogs come through the shelter as well as more abandonment, abuse, and neglect cases this year. Please help us help our furry friends in anyway you can.



Volunteer Now!!

We would love to have you come and help us take the dogs for a walk, bathe or groom the pets or help socialize them. There are many other things that you can do to help these wonderful creatures. We are always in need of dedicated volunteers so if you have any spare time contact us at the shelter. You will find that volunteering is such a rewarding experience. We can never have too many volunteers, all ages and energy levels are welcome.

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